Game Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting

Dragon Ball bercerita tentang seorang bocah bernama Goku yang hidup di tengah gunung sendirian. Dia lalu bertemu dengan Bulma, seorang gadis muda jenius, yang berusaha mengumpulkan 7 bola ajaib yang katanya bisa mengabulkan semua keinginan. Bola-bola tersebut dinamakan Dragon Ball.

Keterangan: Dragon Ball adalah 7 buah bola kristal yang tersebar di seluruh dunia, bola tersebut berwarna ojingga yang terdapat pola bintang di dalamnya, apabila seseorang berhasil mengumpulkan 7 buah Dragon Ball maka akan muncul sebuah dewa naga yang mampu mengabulkan sebuah permintaan apa saja, bahkan termasuk menghidupkan orang mati.
Dalam perjalanannya bersama Bulma mencari Dragon Ball, Goku harus berhadapan dengan banyak rintangan, salah satunya adalah dari Tentara Pita Merah. Kelompok ini mempunyai keinginan yang sama dengan Goku dan Bulma.

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Game School Life

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At Fallbrook Middle School, the annual student-elected Teacher of the Year award ceremony is held. Every year for the last 43 years, Norman Warner, fondly called Stormin' Norman, has won the award. During the ceremony, he collapses and dies. The burden of carrying the legacy falls to Matt Warner, son of the late Norman Warner who has always lived in the shadow of his father.

Determined to keep the family tradition of being Teacher of the Year alive, Matt focuses all his attention and efforts in winning the coveted title. But the new history teacher, Mr. Michael D'Angelo becomes the new student favorite. He is called, even by fellow and senior teachers, "Mr. D". Young, funny, with unconventional methods of teaching and an uncanny ability to connect with his students, Mr. D. quickly wins the hearts not only of the students but also the teachers, especially the young art teacher, Ms. Davies. Now that Mr. D. is the most popular teacher on campus, Matt feels that he has no chances of winning against 

Now obsessed with discrediting Mr. D, Matt soon forgets what it means to be a teacher. Desperate to find a flaw in "Mr Perfect", Matt follows Mr. D around town and discovers a secret the alarmingly perfect teacher is hiding: Mr. D has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and does not have long to live. Shocked by the startling discovery into realizing his own pettiness, Matt slowly changes his ways of teaching and in the process wins the hearts of his students. When Mr. D stops coming to teach because of his worsening illness, the students become depressed by the situation. Matt steps in to cheer up the student's spirits and leads the basketball team to a victory with a special guest appearance with 30 seconds left in the game 

The film concludes after three years have passed and Matt's own son is now in high school, and Matt is teaching a brand new year of pupils in his life science class. He has won the Teacher of the Year for the last two years, Mr. D having won the award in the school year of 2003. The art teacher, Ms. Davies, inherited Mr. D's car. The film ends with a close-up of a photo in Matt's classroom of himself, Mr. D, and the basketball team with "Michael D'Angelo 1967-2003" inscribed on the bottom of the frame.

Game Mountain Rescue Driver

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Mountain rescue refers to search and rescue activities that occur in a mountainous environment, although the term is sometimes also used to apply to search and rescue in other wilderness environments. The difficult and remote nature of the terrain in which mountain rescue often occurs has resulted in the development of a number of specific pieces of equipment and techniques. Helicopters are often used to quickly extract casualties, and search dogs may be used to locate them.

Car of Horská služba (Czech Republic)

Special stretcher for mountain rescue (Black Forest)
Mountain rescue services may be paid professionals or volunteer professionals. Paid rescue services are more likely to exist in places with a high demand such as the Alps, national parks with mountain terrain and many ski resorts. However, the labor-intensive and occasional nature of mountain rescue, along with the specific techniques and local knowledge required for some environments, means that mountain rescue is often undertaken by voluntary teams.

These are frequently made up of local climbers and guides. Often paid rescue services may work in co-operation with voluntary services. For instance, a paid helicopter rescue team may work with a volunteer mountain rescue team on the ground. Mountain rescue is often free, although in some parts of the world rescue organizations may charge for their services. But there are also exceptions, e.g. Switzerland, where mountain rescue is highly expensive (some 2000 to 4000 USD) and will be charged to the patient. In more remote or less-developed parts of the world organized mountain rescue services are often negligible or non-existent.